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The italian composer and singer Renato Scozzari was born in Palermo in 1963. His father Atanasio, when he was only 7 years old, make to him a piano and his mather Antonietta encourage the little Renato to study music.

After his degree he went to the “Music School” of Palermo, where he studied piano and jazz music. In 1980 he founded his first band, “The Bears”. By The Bears he performed in many theatres of Sicily.

The unusual pop-rock of The Bears met a great success, but the brotherhood amongst them finished and two years later, in 1982, Renato became the leader of a new band, the “ANVHA”. During the partnership with the ANVHA he realized many important pieces that introduced him into the Italian music outline. In this period he met also the roman entourage of RCA. Five years later, in 1987, his soloist career started and he took part in the Italian music competition “Cantamare 87”, with the song “Moments”. In the same year his new musical project started with the title “Alaska Project”, with the collaboration of Guido di Benedetto.

These was years of great collaborations and great works, like the songs “At the centre of the Storm” and “Al di là delle cose”. In these same years a new, theatrical project started with the title “E invece noi…”. In 1998 he took part in the Italian musical “San Francesco d’Assisi”, for which he took care of arrangement and artistic preparation.

At the end of 1990,in collaboration with Gabriele Reas and Cristiano Nasta, found a new band, the “TOTAL ECLIPSE”. With his new band he took part in many italian music competition. In 2000 he play for Anita Sanchez and found a new band, “Bianco, Rosso  e Nerone”. In 2001 he went to Stockholm, where  he met Benny Andersson of the ABBA. In 2004 he met David Hardesty Motley, a gospel singer with he public 3 album. In the summer of 2011 it publishes his first instrumental cd titled “Songs For Benny”

cover front "Songs for Benny"

The last recording project, titled “Dune”, saw the light in July 2012. The artist for several years has made Sardinia his second home, and it is the island that the twelve instrumental tracks on the album are born.

Scozzari calls his music “world-synth-music” and for the recording and the creation of his new work was assisted by Gabriele Reas and Massimiliano Congia, fellow musicians like him are expressed through keyboards and synthesizers.

The result is a fine album, with a very eclectic and diverse music, based on a perfect dosage of sounds and harmonies ranging from gypsy and Cuban rhythms, jazz atmosphere to the ’50s, to the most refined classical compositions, in a kaleidoscope of music that surprises the listener, giving him the emotions and the feelings aroused in the author from the contemplation of a landscape as it happens in the beautiful “Mediterranean Caravan”, a masterpiece of music, the music captivating and enthralling, track point of the album.


Promote the album in various radio and television stations in the last months of 2012, it has not distracted by the attention Scozzari new compositions which, most likely, they will take concrete in an album “Acoustic” provided pears in the spring of 2013. Scozzari calls this his desire to compose as “a primordial need, something ancestral magically Flooding my soul.” He says, amused, moving her hands nervously, anxious to start this new adventure.

In the meantime … in digital stores is already available Christmas single “Snowing on the cities”, a small gift for all his fans.

Snowing on the cities (front) 2